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Google Speadsheets

  • A free online spreadsheet program
  • Simple to use
  • Files can be shared and managed in collaboration with others, instantly.
  • Allows complex formulas, conditional formatting, automatic translation.
  • Functions. Perform a huge number of functions in the browser, from the common (sum, average, count) to the specific, such as engineering and math calculations or finance formulas.
  • Conditional formatting.  For example, a cell can be set to turn red if it exceeds a set figure.
  • Insert forms, drawings, scripts, images, gadgets and charts into a spreadsheet.
  • Add comments to a spreadsheet, a highly useful feature for collaboration.


  1. Google docs spreadsheet tutorial (9:45)
  2. Create a new Google Spreadsheet (0:24)
  3. Using Google Spreadsheets (3:22)
  4. How to set up a Google spreadsheet (3:02)
  5. Freezing Rows and Columns in a Google Spreadsheet (4:23)a
  6. Insert a chart into a Google Spreadsheet (0:57)
  7. Google Spreadsheets Graphing Pt 1 of 4 (1:27)
  8. Google Spreadsheets Graphing Pt 2 of 4 (1:26)
  9. Google Spreadsheet More with Formulas pt 1 of 3 (2:13)
  10. Google Spreadsheet More with Formulas pt 2 of 3 (2:20)
  11. Performing Queries in a Google Spreadsheet (1:49)

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February 2nd, 2012 at 7:19 am